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Adultery  by A. "Tuna" Dobbins


                 Her cell phone starts ringing.  She rolls over in the bed and picks it up from the night stand.  “Ugh,”  she says.
                “Who is it?”  Daren asks.
                “Wayne.  He’s checking up on me.  I better get this.”  Joanie gets out of bed and punches the phone.  “Hey, what’s up?”
                “I’ve got to see clients out in Clinton this afternoon so I won’t be home until late.  That okay with you?”

                “I was planning to cook that salmon for dinner, but it can wait.  Call me when you’re coming home.” 
                “Okay.  Thanks, Sweetheart.”
                Joanie switches off the phone.
                “Well?”  Daren asks as Joanie climbs back into the bed.
                “We’ve got all afternoon together.  Wayne is headed to Clinton for some client stuff.”
                Joanie snuggles up to Daren and kisses him.
                Wayne punches in Diane’s number on his phone.  Her name and number are not on his phone’s contact list, just in case.  Wayne and Diane will have the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening to enjoy each other.
                Diane is Joanie’s younger sister.  Wouldn’t she have a fit if she found out that they are having an affair?
                Daren is Wayne’s partner at the law office.  Daren knows they don’t have any clients in Clinton, but he’s not telling Joanie that.  Daren might need this information if Wayne ever finds out about his affair with Joanie.  Daren decides to hire a PI to follow Wayne and get proof of his affairs.




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