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A Clip from a Novel by Carol Nichols...

Connie jumps, while placing her hand over her mouth to stifle the need to scream as the all too familiar "rap tap tap" can be heard from the other side of her door.  Her mind races back through her previous thoughts she had had every since leaving police headquarters. The thought that JJ had murdered that girl and even if he didn't, he certainly knew something about it.  Then, as the thunder increases in intensity and frequency, so do her fears.  She can hear the wind fiercely blowing as it tosses trees and limbs about beside her windows leaving ghostly shadows on her floor.

Again, the rap tap tap that once sent her heart racing, as she could hardly wait to get to the door, now made her release a small but still audible gasp.

"Connie, open the door.  I'm sorry I left so unexpected the other evening.  Please let me in, I know you must be confused.  Please let me explain I need to have you understand."

Connie tries desperately to control her now shallow breath.  What to do.  She grabs her phone to call 911 as she just couldn't open her door to a possible criminal.

"Connie, please.  I'm leaving town, and I can't go like this."  Now lowering his voice, he leans against the door and states, "I think I have feelings for you.  No, I know I have feelings for you, and I love you.  There, I've said it, I do love you.  Please, please let me in."

Her heart softens, and her mind immediately reverts to the evening he just arose and left without a word.  Was that it, he loves me but didn't know how to handle it?

As she slowly unlocks and opens the door, with eyes averted, she backs away at her release;  it slowly opens and eases to a stop.

"Connie, I understand your reluctance to see me after I just left, just walked out on you.  Please can we talk?  I just need some time to think this through.  Can you understand that?"

"JJ, I don't think you do." Now looking him fully in the face, looking deep in his eyes trying to discern which JJ she is with at this moment.  But the more she gazes at him, looking once again into those velvet brown eyes she sees nothing but the man she has come to love so completely and now undeniably, whole heartedly, loved body and soul.

Connie continues,  "You need to think this through?  Is it because you have something you need to tell me, something you are keeping from me?"  

As JJ's mind escapes to California, he says, "Well, yes, but you have to trust me and give me a little time and I'll be back."

"Be back.  You're leaving?"

"Only for a little while until I can work through this thing."

"JJ, can't you trust me?  We can work through this without you leaving."

"I can't stay Connie, I can't."

While still holding his hands, Connie becomes full of remorse.  "JJ, we don't have forever.  Life definitely has taught me that.  Whatever street we need to turn down, whatever shadows we need to steer through, whatever life has thrown at us as long as we have each other.  Oh, JJ," while pulling him beside her on the couch, "can't you see as long as we have this moment, we can talk with Detective Dobbins and get this done and over and then we can fully embrace, with a clean slate, our two hearts beating as one."

"Detective Dobbins, what do the police have to do with us?"  

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