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Oops! by  Chuck Baker

      As the second hand raced around the clock face, Margie scurried from table to table tending to last second details, as she completed the set up for catering Himey Goldbergs bar mitzvah. The guests began filing into the dining area as Benjamin Goldberg approached Margie with a worried look.  Thank God for Mr. Goldberg she thought, as she recalled the chance meeting that had secured this job just in time to save her fledging business and avoid a certain eviction. 

      With polite insistence, Goldberg checked off, one by one, the items Margie was to provide.   When assured the list was complete, he gave a soft sigh of relief, folded the paper, and put it in his pocket.    Margie was elated that all was satisfactory and gave herself a smug pat on the back, just as Mr. Goldberg turned and asked "Miss Thompson, I assume everything is kosher?"      

     Margie looked dumbfounded and sounded even more confused as she responded, "Kosher, what's kosher?"